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If the coupons she was trying to use were Bounce Back coupons those can be limited to one per customer at the store managers discretion.

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I work at kohls as long as the dates match up they will take the percentage off without a problem.I have never tried it, but i would imagine they would not back charge you for shipping.Its a promotional coupon, meaning that it is meant to make you come back and spend more.

PERFECT for Thanksgiving: Easy Delicious Homemade Creamed Corn Recipe.The cashier has even printed it out on a separate piece of register paper if I have only one cent left.Pretty simple.Plus if you charge everything and you need to return you dont have to worry they can look it up on you charge account without a reciept.So I went to a different kohls 5miles down and they accepted it with no questions asked:).

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The Night Owls sale starts on Friday evenings and goes into the Early Birds on Saturday until 3 PM.

Print this out or put it on your phone to take advantage of this.Nasty Cashier. can policy. if you want to use your coupons. you have my phone.Do you know how they ring up the item with regards to the discount.

You can enter your Promo Code in your shopping bag or at any time during checkout.So I only received two of the three discounts by purchasing the dress in a retail store.

I am pretty sure you can buy something, then bring it back when the coupon is valid.You may also get a 30% off code about once a month or so when they do the scratch-off codes (15%, 20%, or 30%).You can even use the DealCatcher. easy and can be done via phone 855-564.But if they treat the store credit more as a gift card, then the 30% off would come off the total before payment, including gift cards (as long as some of it is charged on the Charge card).

Even better is waiting for a Night Owl or Early Bird special where it is 60% off plus an additional 10-15-20% off on top of that. (differs at times).I purchased a new set of pots and pans on Monday during a period when no Kohls cash was offered.You can print coupons from right from your phone.The kohls cash is a promotional coupon and therefore does not technically hold a dollar value.

I believe that you can only use one %-off discount at a time though, unless it is the online codes above and one is sitewide and one is for a specific category.The day the kohls cash redemption period started, I still had not received an email with my kohls cash, so I called their 800 number on their web site.Kohls has started carrying some items that are excluded from their coupons and discount codes.When customers find out that these are being given out, they will buy things at different registers on many different days and end up with 10 of them.In other words, only while the image is present on their site.Whenever you use another card (and the majority of people pay with cards) 2% of the purchase goes to the card company.But for example, some stores will not accept a photo of a 30% coupon.

I just updated the post with all of the current and upcoming coupon codes that I know of.Drove to retail store and talked to cashier before buying dress and purchasing some other items at the Kiosk.Lydia, if a cashier (POS) is telling you that you have to go to customer service, they are not being truthful with you.Once your card is verified it will take the coupons You can still back out until you. (maybe over the phone with.If I understand your question correctly, I think you are referring to the sitewide percent-off code (you peel off a paper to reveal your code) and the advertised percent-off sales throughout the ad.

You can save loads of money at Kohls, if you know how to play their game.Fabulessly Frugal: A Coupon Blog Sharing Gift Ideas, Amazon Deals, Printable Coupons, DIY, How to Extreme Coupon, and Make Ahead Meals.Consumer complaints and reviews about Kohls in Westland, Michigan.

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With online coupons you can leave your scissors in the drawer and grab your cell phone or computer to nab these savings.

The problem with these are that they were a gift not based on how much you spent, but a one time gift.We have coupons for brands you love together with deals in. searching for items or creating your shopping list, with one easy tap you can clip the items you need.Just look for a code on the coupon that you can enter at checkout.As long as there is a barcode to scan they can scan it straight from your phone.If you use Samsung Pay on your phone, there are currently promotions for 20% off.Get Shopular. your smart phone as soon as you. Phone. Deals and coupons.

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Then those people get all bent out of shape when we explain that they can only use one per customer.I have used one there before, so it is definitely worth a shot.I found out recently that kohls will also let you use your kohls cash after the expiration date at the service desk.After trying to pay it a the register REPEATEDLY, I just wait for the bill now.This time I was waiting behind someone and they wanted to use 2 on one purchase and the lady told her that on the back it says one per customer.